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It's all about jobs.

Lack of labor is the number threat to the residential construction industry and its ability to keep up with new construction demand. HBAR is taking the lead to address the labor crisis by recruiting students to well-paying industry jobs.

What does a job in residential construction look like? Visit the HBAR YouTube page and view three local career examples

Walk onto the job site ready – Get a construction certification taught by partners of HBAR at the Community College Workforce Alliance. Explore classes and register here

In November 2018, HBAR and five of the region’s public school systems came together for the first time at the Redskins Training Camp to launch the “Student Construction Conference”. The conference is designed to recruit high school students, and college students who find desk jobs boring, to jobs in new construction, renovation, and historic rehabs. Students experienced job opportunities through hands-on interaction with employers including laying brick and mortar, installing house wrap and fiber cement siding, to cutting trim and building custom cabinetry. The next conference is underway and we invite your business to participate. Please contact Danna Markland at for details.

What does a job in residential construction look like? View three local career examples