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Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

During this past year, many of our members made the decision to support the us as a partner—demonstrating their strong commitment to HBAR through generous sponsorship opportunities. In the association world, that is a huge show of membership engagement—and a critical component of HBAR and the housing industry’s resurgence in Richmond and the Commonwealth as a whole.

This tremendous support allows us to provide additional educational opportunities, improved business networking events, and greater advocacy for our members in legislative affairs. We now hold between 10 and 20 major events every year. We’ve established councils and committees to serve the ever-widening interests of our varied members– including our blossoming
Legislative Committee and Multi-Family Housing Council. And we’ve seen our attendance grow— meaning even greater returns on investment.

We are excited to introduce a more customized experience to our sponsorships partners that allows more flexibility in planning.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We truly can not do this without you. Your support of our industry through HBAR has been, and will continue to be, the engine that enables us to offer what our members have come to expect—and deserve.

Take a moment to look through our new Sponsorship and Advertising Menu, and decide how YOU will support your association in

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

Questions? If you have any questions or are interested in a corporate sponsorship, please contact or call (804) 282-0475.
NOTE: Prices and availability subject to change.