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Be Part of the Solution.

The Home Building Association of Richmond is the trade association dedicated to protecting the residential land development and construction industry.  Every day, HBAR is working with local and state officials to advance policies that protect property rights, promote economic development, and improve our community’s quality of life.


It’s important that our local and state elected officials understand how critical the housing is to our economy – the HBAR BuildPAC is the nonpartisan political action committee that works to elect pro-housing and pro-economic development candidates to local Board of Supervisors and the General Assembly. By supporting these candidates, we make sure that our industry’s voice is heard!


The HBAR BuildPAC is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from our members and all funds go to supporting candidates and advancing our pro-housing message.  We hope that you will consider a contribution today – any amount goes a long way!


If you are interested in supporting the HBAR BuildPAC, you can donate by using the button to the right – you don’t have to have a PayPal account to contribute – or you can contact HBAR’s Director of Government Affairs at or (804) 823-7937.