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I’m honored to serve as President of the Home Building Association of Richmond in 2015.  I hold the Home Building Association of Richmond in high regard and take the roles and responsibilities that come with the presidency very seriously.  HBAR has a 69 year history of volunteer leaders serving the Richmond building industry. My goal is to build upon our past leaders success and advance our industry association, and community to new heights in 2015.

All 450 member firms play a role in shaping our great organization.  We all joined this trade association and federation to be one voice in protecting and promoting our industry.  Over the years the association benefits have expanded to membership discounts, networking events, philanthropy, news and education.  The added member benefits continue to evolve with our members’ expectations and it’s my hope that members will take advantage of the benefits offered by HBAR in 2015. You can’t afford to not be a member of the best membership organization in Richmond.   During 2015 HBAR will be holding by-monthly membership orientation meetings.  At these meetings our members will learn how to navigate the member benefits and get the most from what HBAR has to offer.

As an active remodeler during the great recession and an avid basketball player and coach, I know a lot about rebounds both on and off the court.  Our industry and association are rebounding from the great recession.  The HBAR headquarters building has been owned by HBAR since the early 90’s and is in need of a rebound.   The building holds countless meetings, events, and classes for members and local leaders each month.  It’s important that the headquarters of HBAR represent the quality craftsmanship andand design that our members put into each and every project.  During 2015, I’ll work with our members to improve the appearance of our building and make it a place that every member will be proud to use for meetings and to call home to the building industry.

Protecting our industry is our association’s number one priority.  The building industry has provided each of us a livelihood for our families as well as a showcase for our special talents. These talents are best used to benefit our businesses and others in the community. The HBAR Board of Directors has approved ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation as the HBAR sponsored charity for 2015.  ASK and HBAR are teaming up to create a “Welcome Home” program for children undergoing cancer and bone marrow treatments.  The “Welcome Home” program will work to ensure children undergoing treatment have a safe, healthy, and accessible living environment to heal and just be a kid.  I welcome participation from all HBAR members that are interested in joining me in assisting these children and families in need.

Our association has been in survival mode during the recession. Now is the time to once again take an active role in the lives of the community we service. HBAR was built on the foundation of working together for the greater good. 2015 is sure to be a great year for us all if we work hard, work smart, and work together to further our industry, association, and community.

Leo Lantz Signature

Leo Lantz

President 2015