2016 HBAR President: Pat LeGault

Dear HBAR Members,

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2016 HBAR President Pat LeGault

The Home Building Association of Richmond (HBAR) turns 70 years old in 2016! Since 1946 HBAR has had a rich history of volunteer leaders who have made HBAR the premier home building association in the county.  It is an honor and a privilege to have been nominated and elected to serve as HBAR’s 2016 President. I have many goals for 2016 but first and foremost I intend to continue our successful efforts to promote, protect, and enhance the building environment in the Greater Richmond area in 2016.

My 24 years of experience in the industry have taught me that a constant focus on satisfying the customer, quality building, providing exceptional value and building strong relationships are the keys to running a successful building company.  As I lead HBAR in 2016 I intend to use these same principals to insure that HBAR and its members have a successful 2016.

We, all 457 members of HBAR, make up an incredibly talented team that work together to provide housing and renovations to thousands of families in the Greater Richmond area each year.  Not one of us can operate without the others.  We need one another to be successful and HBAR needs everyone in the building industry to support our association to be successful.  This support leads to effectively maintaining and improving our efforts to protect the building industry to negative outside influence.  HBAR fights for the building and development community’s rights on a daily basis to local elected officials and leaders.  I encourage everyone to ask their builders, contractors, vendors, and suppliers if they support the only building industry association that protects them by being a member of HBAR?

HBAR sustained seven decades with great leadership and constantly evaluating its member benefits and services. Unfortunately, as we get busy, we often forget or are not aware about these incredible benefits that HBAR offers.  HBAR has added a number of vendor benefits that not only puts money back into members’ pockets but also supports HBAR to keep membership dues and events registrations low.  It is our goal in 2016 to ensure that 100% of HBAR members are aware of all the member benefits and discounts that are available to them and that they understand the process to receive these benefits.  To see the complete list of member benefits CLICK HERE or go to

Our great HBAR councils and committees host over 20 industry specific programs and events each year.  These events provide members with up to date industry information, professional recognition, and the opportunity to meet and socialize with top rated Richmond area building professionals.  Many of the events have a long history of success while others are fairly new. We plan to continue our positive march forward by balancing the successful history in each event with the opportunity to bring fresh ideas to improve each event for the association.  To see a complete list of event, council, and committee meeting schedules Click Here.  I look forward to seeing you there and I welcome any ideas you might have that could make our events and committees even more successful in 2016.

As stewards of the Richmond community it’s important that we give back when possible.  For the past 2 years HBAR has partnered with ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation to provide support for children and their families that have been diagnosed with childhood cancer.  It is such a devastating disease and if we can make a child’s situation better, even if just for a day, it is well worth the effort.  We have made a great impact to improve the quality of life for some children in need and we intend to continue this positive impact by our continual support and partnership with ASK in 2016.

We are a team and I ask all 457 HBAR members to help achieve our HBAR goals.  My one request for all our members is simple, get involved as much as you can this year.  It is only through all of our continual involvement and support can we reach our goals and take HBAR to the next level and make 2016 one of our best years ever.

Thank you for your support.

Pat LeGault

President 2016