2017 HBAR President: John Waters

Dear HBAR Members,

John Waters, Home Builders Association

It is a tremendous honor and privilege for me to serve as 2017 Home Building Association of Richmond President. I believe our associations core is similar to that of my business, family first. We are an association of many businesses; some large, some small, some publicly traded, and some family owned and operated like Bringer Builders. The differences in our companies structures are what make our association unique, powerful, and successful. Each of us bring value to our industry and HBAR. We come with different perspectives while focusing on the common good for all, to protect and promote housing and one another.

I learned the value builder members, associate members, and HBAR working together many years ago while participating on Richmond Homearama. It was apparent to me that by working together we could accomplish so much more than any one of use working independently.

Over the last several years, my participation with HBAR has taught me what can be done when a dynamic team works together toward a common goal. Increased membership, increased retention, and legislative victories all prove what we are capable of as an association. The 2017 HBAR Executive Committee and Board of Directors are comprised of talented individuals from a diverse group of organizations.

My predecessors have positioned HBAR for success in 2017. In 2016 under President Pat Legaults leadership, the association held a strategic planning session. As President, I would like to support and follow through on four initiatives identified through that process:

First. The Legislative Committee has been doing incredible work, and we need to continue to support and guide the HBAR government affairs program to protect housing.
Second. HBAR will continue to host well high membership value events, and process feedback from members to ensure that we are providing opportunities for members to grow their business.
Third. Workforce Development is an industry challenge that affects all of us. HBAR will establish a workforce development task force address this issue head on.
Finally, by communicating the positives that our industry provides the local community, we will further our mission and the three previous initiatives will become more achievable.

I am extremely proud of the charity partnership that HBAR has formed with ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation. I would like to see our relationship with ASK continue to evolve in 2017 and allow every member the opportunity to be made aware of an organization that is making life better for kids in Richmond. This year our members displayed tremendous generosity, and I am excited to see what we are capable of doing next year.

We are a family. Thank you for allowing me to lead our family in 2017. Each of us plays a part in achieving our individual goals. If the housing industry achieves its goals, we will all achieve our individual goals. I look forward to seeing everyone this year at an HBAR event, Council/Committee Meeting or educational event. Please come say hello, I am proud to serve you.

Thank you for your support,
John Waters
2017 HBAR President