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Reasons to Join

A Membership in the HBAR shows you are committed to fighting for safe and affordable housing in our communities, expanding your business and technical skills, and focused on educating yourself and your customers about the newest industry products, techniques and services.

  • Increase business opportunities and relationships
  • Enjoy buying advantages and discounts from top companies
  • Achieve greater credibility
  • Powerful advocacy defending issues that directly impact the homebuilding industry on local, state and national levels
  • Be the first to learn about policies that affect the building and development industries
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge through member-only educational seminars
  • Access to expert advisors to answer your specific industry questions

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Who should join HBAR?

Anyone in the home building industry! HBAR members include builders, developers, remodelers, Realtors®, suppliers, subcontractors, and many more that relate to the residential construction industry.

Which membership is right for me?

Membership is divided into 2 types,

  • Builder/Developer
  • Associate

Builder/Developer members are directly involved in building homes. They include small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders, and remodelers.

Associate members provide products or services to homebuilders. They sell lumber, windows, appliances, etc. or offer services such as mortgage finance.

Joining HBAR is one of the greatest investments you can make.

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