Charity Partner


The Home Building Association of Richmond partner’s with ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation to make life better for children and their families who are battling cancer. Ask has been working with children with cancer and their families since 1975. While the hospital and medical staff focus on treatment, ASK provides the quality-of-life support needed to make going through treatment less traumatic.

HBAR and ASK have created the “Welcome Home” program that makes homes safe and accessible to young cancer patients coming home from treatment.

ASK was founded in 1975 by a small group of parents of pediatric cancer patients at MCV Hospital, in Richmond, VA. They joined together to provide mutual support, to search for answers and to deal with the devastating diagnoses. These parents searched for simple pleasures for their children and support for themselves. They started with small changes: books, toys, and games for the little ones to help alleviate the anxiety and pain of treatment, and small parent gatherings at the hospital waiting rooms to help reduce their own stress. These parents became the founding members of ASK. Their mission was simple and remains unchanged today, as well continue to strive for ways to make life better for children with cancer.


ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial, spiritual, social, and emotional support directly to over 1000 children and their families annually.


To serve as a leading source of support for children with cancer and their families in the greater Richmond area

Guiding Principles:

ask-logoASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

  • believes in children and families first
  • is mission-driven
  • is a responsible steward of our resources
  • is ethical
  • is an open and collaborative community partner
  • is proactive as well as responsive
  • is creative and innovative
  • shows compassion at all times

HBAR is always looking for members who are willing to donate skilled labor, products, and materials, to the “Welcome Home” program. If you’d like more information on ASK visit their website at or contact Craig Toalson at